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Travellers are ‘disgusted’ by Ireland’s travel restrictions

Travellers in Ireland have taken to social media to express their anger over Ireland’s restrictions on foreign travel.

Online posts and tweets from travellers in the UK and US are being shared on social media and the comments section of a post in the US are filled with complaints about Ireland’s policies.

Online postings and tweets have been shared by travellers in Ireland and the UK over the last few days.

Online posters and tweeters in the USA are expressing their frustration about the restrictions they face in Ireland.

Online comments on the UK Travel Restrictions page on the Irish Travel Authority (ITA) site are filled to overflowing with posts from travellers who are “disgusting” of the Irish government for their restrictions.

“It’s disgusting,” said one traveller in the comments.

“I can’t travel to the US, I am not allowed to travel to Australia.

It’s disgusting.

I don’t understand why you have such strict restrictions, it seems like you’re trying to restrict freedom of movement.””

I think it’s a little bit of a joke,” said another.”

What the hell is this about?” asked a third.”

Well, it’s not exactly an open secret that they’ve been banning visitors from certain countries,” said a fourth.”

They’re trying really hard to stop people coming to Ireland and now they’re going after me.”

Online posts about the Irish travel restrictions have also been shared in the United States, including one from a US traveller who said: “If you have the money to pay for a ticket you can get away with it.”

“They are making me think twice about what I’m going to do,” said the US traveller.

“It’s so ridiculous.”

“How are they supposed to know what’s going on if they have no idea?” said another traveller.

“There are so many problems in Ireland with the travel restrictions.

It seems to be a bit of an embarrassment that they have restrictions in place that they don’t even know are there,” said an Australian traveller.

On the ITA website, the travel restriction page on Ireland is labelled as “not applicable to travellers with a valid travel document” and “subject to restrictions in effect at other times”.

Online postings about Ireland travel restrictions are also shared on Twitter and Facebook.

“I can travel to Ireland, but my husband can’t,” said Twitter user John.

“He’s a US citizen.

He’s a member of my family,” said Facebook user Amanda.”

This is totally ridiculous,” said Instagram user Sarah.”

How can they restrict my family from going out and enjoying our holidays?

I’m a citizen of Ireland, and the rules apply to me,” said Pinterest user Lisa.

Online users have also complained that Ireland’s border with the Republic of Ireland has been closed to Irish citizens since September, when the Republic announced that it would suspend all travel to and from the Republic.

“If you are a British citizen travelling to Ireland then you should be able to visit the Republic as long as you’re staying in a country with a visa, passport or no visa,” said Irish traveller David.

“The Irish border is closed, and I’m very annoyed about that.

I’ve been here for five years and the Irish border has been this open and completely open,” said Australian traveller Kate.”

We’re just so pissed off, we don’t know what to do about it,” said New Zealand traveller Paul.”

My wife and I have been working in Ireland for almost a year now and she hasn’t had a single visitor.

We’ve travelled here five times in the last year and we’re not allowed in.””

It really is disgusting.

It really does seem to be about a gag,” said British traveller and Instagram user Ben.

“Why can’t they control the numbers?”

“The idea that we are the ones who are making them restrict is just so ridiculous.

We are not the ones being told what we should do or what we are allowed to do, we are just the ones that are making the rules,” said Ryan.”

You can’t just take away the freedom of people in Ireland,” said American traveller and Pinterest user Jordan.”

That’s ridiculous.

That’s ridiculous,” continued Ryan.

“If there was a border that had to be closed and you could only have one person in Ireland, you wouldn’t have to travel there at all.”

“We are just looking for the best and brightest, so we don toil away on holiday all the time, but we’re really just being ignored,” said Kate.

“We don’t need to work so hard to get a holiday here, we just want to have the freedom to come and go as we please.

That should be the whole point of it.”

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