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How to avoid the travel restrictions for Thailand

Travelers who plan to visit Thailand this month will face a series of travel restrictions, including flights and taxis.

The United States has revoked visas for all but two of the country’s 34 million citizens.

Thailand is one of the world’s largest tourist destinations and a popular destination for foreign nationals.

But many tourists are not planning to stay and have been stranded at several Thai airports.

In a statement Friday, the US Embassy said it was “reconsidering the decision to issue visas for individuals in the United States on a case-by-case basis.”

Thailand’s Ministry of Tourism and Sports said it is still reviewing the situation and will make further decisions after consulting with the US Consulate General in Bangkok.

The ministry said visa holders would be notified by the US embassy and could apply for a visa.

Thai Airways said it’s reviewing all applications and has canceled all flights to and from Thailand.

A spokeswoman for the airline said the airline had been told by the U.S. embassy in Bangkok that the US will no longer issue visas.

The U.K. Government said Friday that it will also be restricting flights to Thailand to all airlines, airlines and passengers for the next six weeks.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the U,S.

and other nations must “stop making excuses for visa overstays” and said he would take action if visa holders are not able to re-enter the country.

Johnson told reporters at the United Nations that the U .

S. has been “incredibly lax” with travel to Thailand, and that it was time to act.

The UK has also canceled all trips to Thailand by British tourists and has imposed a ban on flights to the country by British citizens.

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