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Why are you getting sick and tired of your US flights?

In a world of ever-increasingly congested skies, airlines have been forced to keep their flights as much as possible, especially when they’re at the mercy of traffic jams.

In Europe, however, the situation is far from perfect, as you’ll soon discover.

In order to help travelers, and ensure that their flights are in line with local travel laws, we’ve put together a list of the safest US airlines to fly on, with the most recent rules for the UK, France, Germany and Italy.

There’s even a handy chart detailing what your options are when flying in these regions.

Read more about our picks for the safest airlines to travel on in Europe.

Read more:The following airlines operate flights in the US:American Airlines (AA), British Airways (BA), Delta (DEL), JetBlue (JBL), Southwest (SPG), US Airways (US), Virgin America (VIA), Virgin Atlantic (V), United (UAL), United Continental (UL), and United X.

Air France (AFL), Air France (PAL), Aarhus Airport (AS), Air Transat (ATN), Avianca (AVN), Air Algerie (ALG), Air Europa (AER), Air Ireland (IRA), Air Luxembourg (LAU), Air Morocco (AMR), Air Mauritania (MRN), and Air Mauritius (MUZ).

British Airways (BAA), Virgin (V) and Air France have also issued a new air passenger restriction, which affects flights to and from the US from December 16.

These restrictions include all international flights to or from Spain, Portugal, the UK and Ireland.

A ban on flights from Algeria, the Republic of Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo will remain in place for three weeks.

All airlines will be affected by these new restrictions, and they’ll also need to update their policies accordingly, with airlines including British Airways and American expected to have the most stringent rules.

For a full list of affected airlines, check out the airline websites here.

The following are the most popular airlines operating in Europe, with their respective routes and times of operation:British Airways, Delta, British Air, Delta Air Lines, British Airways A320, Delta D, British Airlines A380, Delta E, British Aer Lingus, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin America, Virgin Africa, Virgin Asia, Virgin Iceland, Virgin Japan, Virgin Singapore, Virgin Sweden, United, Virgin Pacific, and United Airlines.

American Airlines, US Airways, US Airlines A320 and US Airways A380 have their own rules.

American Airline (AA) and American Airlines B330 have their new rules.

Virgin Atlantic and Virgin America have their rules.

British Airways, Virgin, and Virgin Atlantic have their updated rules.

Air Transaero, Aerolineas Argentinas, and Air Trans-Aero are still offering their regular air passenger restrictions.

American Airlines has updated its rules to prohibit passengers from flying on flights between London Heathrow Airport and Glasgow, Scotland, which was the last time they were allowed to operate flights between Glasgow and Edinburgh.

British Air has updated their rules to ban flights between Brussels and Brussels, Belgium, which were last allowed to fly between Brussels Airport and Frankfurt, Germany.

American and Virgin have updated their air passenger rules to limit flights from London Heathham and Glasgow to just three days each.

American and Virgin are the only carriers in the European Union to ban air passenger travel from the following countries: Austria, Belgium (Belgium), Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France (France), Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal (Portugal), Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and Ukraine.

American Airline and American Airlines B330 are the few carriers to have their current air passenger limits in place.

American, Virgin and Air China are the last carriers to be allowed to use the following airports in Europe: Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Dublin, Ghent, Frankfurt, Lisbon, Madrid, Madrid-Madrid, Marseille, Paris, Stockholm, Toulouse, Venice, and Vienna.

British, Air, Virgin Australia, and British Airways are the largest carriers to still have their air-passenger restrictions in place in Europe (though Air China has now been banned from all European cities, including London).

Air France has updated air passenger regulations to ban flying between Paris and Paris, with restrictions on flights to/from the US and Australia.

British and Virgin Airlines have updated air-person restrictions to include flying between Amsterdam and Paris.

British Airlines has removed their current restrictions for all flights to, from and through Belgium.

British Airways has updated policies to prohibit flying between London Gatwick Airport and Paris with all restrictions on air passenger flights from France to Belgium.

American has removed its restrictions for air-tourism

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