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UK travellers are ‘going the extra mile’ to find cheaper flights, but can you find the cheapest flight?

Posted January 19, 2019 17:33:54 UK travellers can book their next flights online, and some are even going the extra-mile to find a cheaper flight, according to a new report.

The New Zealand Travel Agency, a travel consultancy based in Auckland, said on Thursday that the UK had the fourth-highest number of travellers booking their next flight online, after Spain, Japan and Germany.

But the firm found that the number of Britons booking flights on their smartphones and tablets remained steady, while the number booking flights through a direct-to-consumer (DTC) booking system was on a steep rise.

According to the report, the UK still has the lowest number of domestic flights booked online in Europe, but that was down to just 18 per cent of domestic travel.

Britain still ranks second to China in terms of the number travelling via DTC, which allows travellers to book a flight in advance and then book the ticket online.

It is the same in China as the US, where the number is at a record high, with nearly 3.6 million domestic trips booked on DTC in 2016.

However, the report said that the rise in the number going direct-from-home was being driven by the UK’s new Direct Air service, which was launched in 2016 and is now being rolled out across the UK.

While direct flights to Europe are generally cheaper than DTC flights, the new DTC service allows travellers in the UK to book flights from home using a smartphone app.

And, while DTC fares are more expensive than other airlines, the DTC model allows travellers on flights from overseas to be cheaper than domestic flights, according the report.

“For some travellers, there are fewer options,” the report states.

“For others, there is a direct flight out of the UK.”

It also found that travellers using the new DirectAir app were the most likely to be booked on a domestic flight.

Some travellers have also been finding flights on DTS cheaper than on DHCs, which are more costly.

In the UK, there were 7,811 direct flights booked through DTC between October 2016 and March 2017, according DTC data.

Airports have also faced pressure from passengers and airlines to find more flights for the holidays, with Air France suspending service to Brussels in October and the German airline Lufthansa suspending service in January due to a heatwave.

Other countries with high demand for domestic flights include the US and Canada.

China and Japan have also seen their demand for direct flights rise.

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