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Why I’ve been traveling since my inauguration

WIU officials say the state has been working hard to make travel to Washington, D.C., easier, but critics are worried the effort is a sign of things to come.


Brad Schimel and his fellow governors have announced they will work to make it easier for people to visit Washington, the nation’s capital.

The announcement Tuesday afternoon comes as lawmakers begin work to repeal the federal travel ban that President Donald Trump signed into law late last month.

The executive order, signed in January, barred citizens from seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the U.S. and barred people from Syria and six other countries from settling in the U-S.

The new executive order allows Americans who have green cards to enter the country and allows some refugees to resettle here, and allows U.K. residents to bring their family members into the country.

Wisconsin Gov.

Scott Walker, a Republican, said he would work to increase the number of green card holders and refugees entering the state.

The governors’ action comes as a major push is underway to pass legislation to ease travel restrictions in Washington.

The travel ban was one of the toughest provisions of Trump’s presidency and has drawn bipartisan opposition from Democrats and business groups.

The state is a key component of Trump campaign promises to keep Americans safe and grow jobs in Wisconsin, which voted for Trump in November.

Schimel said the governors’ decision to work together on the issue reflects the fact that Washington, DC is the nation ‘s most important city, with its own economy and a large and growing population.

The governors will work together to ensure the people of Wisconsin can travel to D.D.C. and vice versa to visit their families, friends and colleagues.

Wisconsin, the state with the nation’ s third-highest percentage of foreign born residents, has become a frequent destination for people from the six countries that comprise the so-called travel ban.

A number of states and cities have also sought to restrict the entry of refugees into the U.-S., though many have been met with resistance.

10 best places to fly and eat in 2017

The first thing you should do if you’re traveling to the U.S. is to check in with your airline.

And the most popular airlines in 2018 are among the best at keeping tabs on where you’re going.

Travelers should check to see if the airport has an online system that will let them check in and see if they need to pay for a check-in fee or a return flight.

If you’re heading into the United States, here’s a look at 10 of the best places you can visit, eat and drink in 2017.

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