How to take the world’s most dangerous trip in a backpack

Traveling in a bag has been around for ages, but its new-found popularity is putting it on the map, and people are being encouraged to take it everywhere.

Read moreTravel backpacker and adventurer James Martin is one of the pioneers.

“It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally starting to catch on,” he told New Scientist.

He has taken a trip to Africa and the United States and says the new backpackers are taking the idea of being safe on the go a bit too far.

“They’re not even trying to do it safely,” he said.

“They’re doing it because they can.”

“I think it’s very dangerous to take a backpack off the ground and leave it on a bushwalk for a day, because if you don’t have your backpack, you’re going to get caught by an animal, or if you have your pack on you’ll get caught in a bushfire.”

Read moreJames Martin and other backpackers have been caught out in the wild by animals, including lions, leopards, hyenas, and snakes.

“I can tell you, I’ve been on some really dangerous walks with a backpack in there,” he added.

“One time I went up to the edge of a cliff and got hit by a big snake, and my friend came and picked me up.”

This is what it feels like to get lost on the Appalachian Trail.

James Martin is an adventure travel backpacker who’s been bitten by a snake on the way.

He says that’s why people are taking up the idea.

“It’s so easy to go up in a pack and just carry on and be confident that you’re safe,” he explained.

“There’s so many ways to do this, but people need to start being really aware of what they’re doing.”

James Martin has taken the idea for backpack safety to the extreme.

“I’ve been bitten, but I’m doing it to survive,” he says.

“Because if I die, then I’m going to be in danger, and if I’m not going to live, I’m in danger.”

Read James Martin’s full story.

James Martin, a backpacker from the US, and his friend, Emily, are the founders of the website

They started it to help people plan their trips and have since grown into a travel blog, as well as providing guides to backpackers, adventurers, and other travelers.

They want to inspire people to think about how they can take a bag off the floor, and to get their backpack on again, whether it’s in a car or at the beach.

“People are starting to realise, that if you take it off the road, and you don

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