Stop mass travel to the US: Trump signs executive order to stop travel to seven Muslim-majority countries

The President signed an executive order Wednesday afternoon, instructing the Department of Homeland Security to implement a ban on all travel to Cuba, Venezuela, Somalia, Sudan, Iran, Libya, Somalia and Syria.

The ban includes Sudan, the only country in the region with a documented history of genocide against the Darfuris.

This ban will apply to the United States, United Kingdom, France, Canada, Spain, Australia and New Zealand, according to the executive order.

“I want to assure you, the United State of America is not only going to be a safe haven for American citizens but it is going to also be a place where we can all work together, and where we’ll all be able to live and work and flourish together,” Trump said.

“We are all going to get along and we are going to find common ground and we will make America great again.”

He added that “America’s people will not be forgotten,” but warned against any attempt to divide the country, “so the United Nations will have to take over and we’re going to see how that goes.”

Trump also signed an order directing the Secretary of State to coordinate with the Department to ensure that Americans who enter the United Kingdom do so safely, including through ports of entry in the United Arab Emirates and Tunisia.

The executive order also states that the United states will no longer allow people from Iran, Sudan and Somalia to enter the country.

“This executive order is a major victory for our security,” said White House press secretary Sarah Sanders.

“It is a victory for all of us.

It’s a victory against a terrorist threat that has been mounting in our nation’s cities for more than a decade.

This executive order gives the American people and our elected leaders the confidence that the Trump administration will be strong and determined to ensure we are able to address these threats.

We’re going back to work.”

Aides to both Democrats and Republicans hailed the order as a step forward, but noted that the travel ban does not apply to refugees and asylum seekers.

“The executive order will not apply, and is not, to those who entered the United United States as refugees, asylum seekers, or otherwise lawfully present in the country,” Sanders said.

Trump also said that the new order does not affect the US military presence in the Middle East, but would “certainly impact our military presence there.”

“We will continue to be able, at the same time as we’ve always done, to keep our troops there,” Trump declared.

“There’s a whole lot of countries that we’re not going to allow into the United, and the ones that we are allowed in will be much stronger, much stronger than they are.”

Trump said the order does apply to all refugees, as well as those who have been granted refugee status, and “every country that has a humanitarian need, every country that is experiencing a humanitarian crisis.”

Trump noted that “our policy is to let the best and the brightest go,” adding that he is confident “our people will come out and do well.”

Trump did not specify what criteria will be used to determine the vetting of immigrants.

“As far as refugees and visa holders, we are not going into that,” he said.

However, he did add that “we are going into vetting people in this country.”

Trump’s order, which was signed after a visit to the State Department by Secretary of Homeland Defense James Mattis, came as Trump was on the campaign trail.

“Donald Trump is going after the people who make America Great, not the ones who make the country great,” Trump tweeted Wednesday.

“When the President tweets that we should suspend immigration from certain countries, that is the first step.

If we suspend immigration for a period of time, it’s not going away.

But if we do that in a very thoughtful way, we can have the people coming into our country being vetted and being welcomed into our society and we can then do a much better job of keeping our country safe.”

This is the second time Trump has used executive action to limit travel to certain countries in the last week.

On Saturday, he issued an executive action ordering a ban “immediately” on people from seven Muslim countries, a move that quickly drew criticism from Democrats, who argued it was a “watered down” ban that would not have a significant impact on the people living in the countries.

However the administration has since backed down from its original ban, arguing that the ban “does not target Muslims in the U.S. who are in the process of being persecuted.”

Trump and his allies, however, have insisted that the order targets Muslim Americans.

Trump has claimed that the Muslim ban will help combat terrorism.

“What this executive order does is stop terrorism in its tracks,” Trump told supporters in Wisconsin on Tuesday.

“Now we are trying to stop the people from coming in and killing us.

I know you can do that, and you will, and we have been fighting

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