The Worst Cities to Travel in China

China has been experiencing some of the worst travel restrictions in the world, but the country’s travel industry still has plenty of room to grow, thanks to an industry-wide crackdown on fake travel documents.

According to new data from the Travel Industry Data Centre, China has banned more than 3.5 million fake travel papers, down from 3.7 million a year earlier.

These are only the official documents issued by Chinese authorities, which are often forged, but some of them are still being used as proof of identity.

“We’ve seen a dramatic decline in counterfeit documents and the Chinese government has announced it is doing everything it can to stamp out fraud,” said Ryan Laughlin, an expert on Chinese travel who runs the travel site Expedia.

“This shows that the Chinese economy is still very strong and the country is ready to take on the rest of the world.”

In addition to China, the data shows that Europe is also experiencing a significant decline in travel.

In 2018, there were 7.2 million fake passports issued, down by more than 40 percent from 2015.

In Europe, the number of fake passports declined by about 40 percent over the same period.

While the number dropped in the U.S., the number in Europe increased by almost 50 percent, and the number issued in North America also rose.

But in China, it dropped by about 50 percent.

It’s hard to tell if the drop in fake passports is due to better screening and less fraud, or if it’s a reflection of the country being more cautious about traveling overseas, as it did in 2017, when it banned the import of passports with the same model and printing process.

The data also suggests that the number being issued in China has dropped since the country began implementing a travel ban last December.

Since then, the ban has been largely lifted.

While some of these measures may be temporary, the fact that China is seeing a decline in the number and types of fake travel passports is encouraging, Laughlin said.

“China is one of the few countries that have made the decision to stop issuing fake travel visas,” he said.

Laughlin also pointed out that there is still room for the industry to grow in China.

“The fact that it’s so hard to get a passport now is the big challenge,” he told Business Insider.

“It’s not like it’s going away.

But it’s not going away because it’s hard.

It can be done.”

China is one out of many countries to implement travel bans.

While there have been a handful of other countries that implement travel restrictions against fake passports, such as Brazil, Russia, and Vietnam, these countries all only have limited enforcement capacity.

They can only issue temporary bans that can be lifted by China.

This means that people are likely to travel abroad for a short period of time, or simply stop coming to China entirely, as they do with many other countries in the region.

In some cases, however, the temporary ban is only temporary and the government doesn’t take enforcement action against people who violate it.

For example, in October, the Chinese Foreign Ministry announced it would take steps to crack down on counterfeit passports issued by “illegal” Chinese companies, but no action has been taken yet.

It is possible that some of those companies may have been involved in fraud, Lampsong Wang, a senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, told Business Week.

“A lot of the Chinese companies that have gotten away with that are now trying to get back into the game,” Wang said.

China has a long history of banning counterfeit passports, and it has been working to tighten up on these measures.

The country has been cracking down on fake passports since at least 2010, when China implemented a national identity card, a system that required a person to use a fake passport to obtain an identity document.

Since 2015, there have also been new rules that require a person’s birth certificate to be verified by Chinese officials.

Since China started issuing these IDs in 2014, the country has seen a decline, and more than 1 million fake IDs were issued, according to the data.

While these measures have led to a decrease in the numbers of fake documents issued, they also show that China continues to have a way to make sure that the fake passports it’s issuing aren’t used by foreigners.

“What we’re seeing is the Chinese authorities are really committed to making sure that people can’t get into China with a fake ID,” Laughlin told Business News Daily.

“They’re really committed in the enforcement and the crackdown.”

As Laughlin points out, China doesn’t have a lot of experience with this kind of situation.

For instance, China is not alone when it comes to banning fake passports.

Other countries in Asia and Europe have also cracked down on these fraudulent documents, and China is currently the largest producer of counterfeit passports.

But while China is leading the world in the counterfeit passport market, the U of T’s Laughlin

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