How to get the travel salesman problem solved

The travel salesman (TSP) problem is a problem that many travellers experience when trying to book a flight, hotel, or cruise.

It’s a problem with the way a booking company calculates the cost of a flight.

To help people solve this problem, Traveling Salesman Solutions has released a free app that lets people find out how much each flight, cruise, or hotel costs.

Here’s how to get it working for you.


Find the price of the flight, and the hotel room on the page that says ‘How much does it cost?’

Find the page on your smartphone that says: The price of your flight, rental car, hotel room, and more.

The app will show you the price for each item and the number of nights that you need to book.


On the page where it says ‘Show the cost’, tap the arrow next to the tab heading and select ‘Show details of this flight’.

You’ll see the price.


You can tap on the tab and scroll down to the ‘Book now’ tab.

This will show a list of all the hotels and flights that you can book, and how much it will cost.


If you’re a TSP, you should have already done this by now.

It should also be obvious how this app works, but it’s helpful to have a quick overview.

If this doesn’t help, you’ll have to go back and do it all over again.


On your smartphone, tap on any of the hotels listed on the booking page and tap the “Book Now” button.

It will show the full list of flights and hotel rooms, with the price displayed in the upper right corner.

Tap the arrow that says “Book now” and a new window will open up that will show all the flights and hotels on the list.


From the “How much do you need?” tab, tap “Compare flights with prices from all other hotels on this list”.

If there’s no difference in price, tap the blue “Add” button and the tab will update.


Tap on the “Compare prices” button at the bottom of the screen.

This should show you how much you can save by booking the flights, hotels, and flights separately, and it will let you see how much the price has changed.

Tap “Apply” to apply the savings.

Tap again to cancel.

The savings are displayed on the left side of the page.


When you click “Apply”, you’ll see an “In-App Purchase” button that will let the app take the saved savings.

To cancel the in-app purchase, tap Cancel.

You should now see an update on the in app purchase page, letting you know how much of the savings you’ve applied.

If the app doesn’t automatically apply any savings, you can turn on the saving option.

To do this, tap Save, then tap Save.

When the saving check appears, tap Apply.


You’ll now see a “Confirm” button on the app.

Tap that to confirm the saving.

The next time you open the app, the savings will be saved and you’ll be able to apply them to the booking again.

This works for all flights, all hotels, all flights from the same booking page, and all flights that aren’t booked from the booking site.

It also works for any flights that don’t show up in the app as ‘available’ (for example, if you’re on a business flight, or on a holiday, or if the flight has a different destination).


To see the savings, tap More and you should see the amount that you saved in the tab for the flights.

If that’s different from the amount you’re saving for the hotel, it means that you’re using the wrong discount.

Tap Save to see the new amount that’s shown.

You will need to do this for every flight or hotel that you want to save money on. 11.

On a hotel or flight page, tap or hold down on the blue check mark that says “$” to open the “Flight & Hotel Details” section.

You might see a line that says “[$]”, which means that this hotel or travel agent is offering discounts to customers.

Tap it to see a list that has all the discounts that are available.

Tap or hold on the red check mark to close the “Details” section, then go back to the app and try to book another flight.

Tap Cancel to cancel the booking.


On any of your flights, select “Add flight or room”, then tap “Add to My List”.

Tap the “Add Flight or Room” button to add a new flight or a room to your list.

Tap and hold on any number of the tabs to add new flights or rooms.


Tap in the “Check Availability” tab to see if there’s a new booking available.

You need to select the number that you have booked from your phone or tablet to check availability. Tap OK

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