Travel wipes for travel to the Arctic – Travel wipes can help protect your skin from harsh winter conditions

A travel wipes can be used to protect your face, hands and body from harsh Arctic winter conditions.

Clorox Travel wipes are designed to be applied topically and can be stored in a travel bag.

They have been developed by a team at the University of Exeter, who hope to use them to prevent skin irritation, blisters and cuts.

The team, who include Associate Professor of Chemistry David Jones, and his colleague Dr Peter Wilson, are now looking at how to use the wipes in the field, to help them in the harsh winter.

Dr Jones said while the wipes were already available in the UK, the company’s research had been a long way from finding an ideal product.

“I was looking at all of the potential products that were out there, and we thought we could find one that would work really well,” Dr Jones said.

“We thought it would be really easy to use a travel wipe, because it would not require any extra ingredients.”

So we thought if it didn’t need to be made from something else, it would also be pretty simple to make, it was not that hard to do.

“Dr Jones and his team made the first prototypes of the travel wipes in November last year, but they needed to find a supplier.”

It was very expensive, but we were able to make the first prototype and then we found out that we needed to buy more supplies to make more, and so we needed a much larger supply of travel wipes,” Dr Wilson said.

Dr Wilson said the team needed to make sure that the technology was safe, so they took a step back and looked at how other travel products were working, and decided that travel wipes were the right fit.”

If we can make it really simple to use, it can be really beneficial in terms of preventing injury,” Dr Johnson said.

The research has now led to a prototype of the wipes which has been tested in the laboratory and found to be safe.”

Clorax have really gone out of their way to ensure that the wipes are safe, and have taken a lot of safety testing,” Dr Paul Wilson said, adding that they are now working with manufacturers to ensure they are available in other countries.

Dr Johnson said the next step would be to start using them on a commercial scale.”

They are now in the research stage, and they are testing the products in the lab, and making sure they are safe and effective,” he said.

Clarox Travel Wipes are made from a mixture of recycled and organic materials, with each wipe having a unique composition.

Dr Miller said that the company was working with a number of partners to find an appropriate manufacturer for their travel wipes.”

The manufacturers of these products are looking at making the products more environmentally friendly,” Dr Miller said.

He said that one of the most promising uses for travel wipes is for those in extreme environments, such as extreme winter weather.”

These travel wipes are very effective in preventing blisters, blistered skin and even cuts,” Dr Michael Miller said, with the wipes being particularly useful in situations where blisters are a problem.”

For instance, in the extreme cold of the Arctic winter, you may need to wear a coat to keep your body warm and protect you from the cold.

“Dr Wilson and Dr Jones hope to find the perfect way to use travel wipes on a practical scale.

Dr Smith said it would depend on the nature of the application of the product, but that it could be a solution to prevent blisters.”

And it is a really exciting time for travel, because people are getting more adventurous and travelling more often.””

We are trying to find solutions that can actually make a difference in the quality of life of the people we are trying.”

And it is a really exciting time for travel, because people are getting more adventurous and travelling more often.

“Dr Johnson agreed.”

With the advent of social media, and the ability to communicate on a global scale, we can now get these things to people at home and make sure they don’t get blisters,” Dr Jackson said.


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