Small travel trailers are becoming more common, says research

Small travel trailer prices are dropping, and the trend is going global.

The Global Travel Association (GTAA) predicts that a small travel trailer will be used by 10% of U.S. travelers by 2020, down from 40% today.

This is the first time the GTAA has predicted this level of usage, and it’s a good sign for small travel trailers, said GTAA chief executive officer and CEO Richard Foust.

“The trailer has become the new go-to solution for small business owners in a shrinking industry,” he said.

“There’s been a big shift over the past year to small travel.

It’s a trend that we’ve seen over the last five to six years, but it’s getting bigger and bigger,” Foust said.

The GTAA estimates that 3.4 million small travel rentals are currently being sold in the U.K., Germany, Australia, and Japan, and that more than 200,000 are available in the United States.

This represents a 75% increase in the past six years.

According to GTAA, the trend toward small travel is not limited to smaller cities, as it is also happening in smaller towns and cities.

The average size of a small rental is about 20 square feet, but some larger rentals, such as those that have an interior of 40 square feet or more, can be as big as 60 square feet.

In the last two years, the average rent for a small trailer has decreased from $938 to $904.

“It’s not just the cost, it’s the size of the rental that’s a big factor.

Smaller size can be better for the environment, for the people who live there, and for the economy,” said John M. O’Donnell, an attorney who has worked in the travel industry for more than 20 years.

O’Donnell added that the growing popularity of small trailers is also driven by the increased popularity of mobile technology, which has allowed people to rent small vehicles and trailers at reduced cost.

“When I see people renting small cars, it doesn’t feel like a car to me.

It feels like a trailer.

It just feels more comfortable,” O’Connor said.

“People are moving from a big SUV to a small one.

I think that’s an increase in use of small vehicles.”

While small trailers may not be a big market right now, the demand for them is expected to grow, and they’re becoming increasingly common.

“A lot of the trailers you’re seeing right now that you would’ve thought were $1,000 a piece have gone up to $5,000 or $6,000,” said M. Michael Tull, a professor of marketing at Columbia Business School and author of The Big Short: How Wall Street Manipulated the Economy.

“And there’s an uptick in small travel, too, as you’re finding that larger trailers are also becoming more popular.”

Tull said the increasing popularity of smaller trailers, which also include a more modern look, has also led to more use of online travel agencies.

“I think that is a good trend because it’s easier to find someone willing to rent a trailer,” he added.

“It’s less expensive and easier to get a place than a bigger truck, and people are willing to do that.”

Travel industry experts say there’s a number of factors that will continue to play a role in the popularity of travel trailers.

For one, they can’t be bought off the rack because they’re designed to last a lifetime, and as they age, they’ll require maintenance.

“You have to take care of the vehicle, and you have to keep it going,” said Scott O’Malley, an industry consultant and professor of transportation management at the University of Southern California.

The same is true for small rental cars.

“You have people who are looking to move and want to have a place to move,” said O’Mahins.

“I don’t think people are just going to be going on vacation and wanting to use a small car for the rest of their life.

They’re going to want a big rig to go with it.”

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