California travel restrictions: What you need to know

Travel is expensive in California.

So expensive that a few companies are starting to offer discount vouchers to help people avoid travel restrictions.

Here are some of the best deals available to Californians. 

The airlines that have recently started offering travel vouchers are Delta, United, American, and United Airlines. 

These airlines have discounted prices on flights to the US from certain destinations like Canada, the UK, France, and Germany.

Delta’s travel vouchers are good for one month.

 United’s veterans travel vouchers expire on December 31, and are good up to three months.

American’s visit vouchers are available for a one-time $75 value, which is good for a year.

United’s travel vouchers receive one year. 

Delta has a travel voucher available for up to two years.

Delta offers visas for two months at $250, and one month at $350.

United’s is available for up the $500 to two months, and is good up the full $1,000.

American vets are available for two years at $450, and three years at $600. 

United has a $1 travel voucher that is good from November 1 through March 31.

American has a travel voucher for up until March 31, 2019. 

Visa visa vouchers are good for up $500 for a single trip for up

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