A travel insurance company has a deal to get away with using “sexist” terms to advertise its products

By Kate HolsingerPublished August 15, 2018 12:58:16In this case, the terms “sexism” and “racism” have become so ingrained in travel insurance terms and products that they’re becoming part of the lexicon.

Travel insurance company Allianz is one of the companies using “snowflake” and a “dick” as part of its terms.

In the past few years, travel insurance has become more aggressive in its use of racist, sexist and other terms to sell its products.

The term “salty” is used by travel insurance companies as a pejorative term to describe people who are rude and disrespectful to their fellow travelers.

“Bored,” “disinterested,” “not paying attention” and other similar derogatory terms are also used to describe travelers who are not paying attention.

“The term ‘salty’ has become so widely used by companies that some travel insurance policies have changed their terms and policies to specifically state that the terms are offensive and unacceptable,” said the Consumer Product Safety Commission in a statement.

Allianz has changed its terms and policy to remove the term “bored,” according to a statement by the company.

Travel insurance company travel insurance, a major source of travel insurance for the U.S., has been criticized for using offensive terms to describe its products, including its terms “salt” and the term.

In an attempt to distance itself from such offensive language, Allianzy recently changed its travel insurance policy to clarify that the term does not have the same meaning as it did before, according to the company’s website.

“We are a global travel insurer with more than 100 million members, and we recognize the hurtful impact the word ‘salt’ has had on our members and our clients,” the company said in a release.

“It is deeply offensive to our members, their families and our business.”

The travel insurance firm said it is working to improve its policies to remove offensive language and to make it more accurate.

The company is also changing its “silly” and related terms to include more positive terms, according the statement.

“Allianzy has always been committed to providing an inclusive and safe experience for all our members,” the statement said.

“We will continue to strive to create a safe and inclusive environment for our members as we continue to grow and grow our business in a world that is increasingly accepting of diversity.”

The Travel Industry Association, which represents travel insurance industry members, said it also believes that the changes Allianze is making to its terms is necessary.

“While we are disappointed in the changes, we believe the changes are in the best interest of our members.

The association’s current membership terms, including our terms for travel, remain discriminatory and hurtful,” the group said in an email.

Travel insurers are responsible for ensuring that policies are accurate, the group added.

“If we find that our terms are racist, discriminatory, or offensive, we will not renew them.”

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